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NordicZoos is the guide for zoo fans in Scandinavia. Find your way to zoos in all of the Nordic countries. Adventure is waiting for you at NordicZoos and in the all of the amazing zoos!

Wild life parks, zoos, jungles, bird parks, aquaria, tropicaria, watermuseum... you name it and find it all at NordicZoos!

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Find easily the best updated zoos and the most recent information at NordicZoos - lion profiles and zebra profiles.

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Sven Willemsens

At the end of september Davinia and Sven from the Dutch sistersite of NordicZoos,, visited Denmark. Sven is more than a fan of crocs. This is his report from Krokodille Zoo. After our se ... [read more]

Sven Willemsens

At the end of september the Dutch sistersite of NordicZoos,, visited Denmark and, of course, we rushed to the zoo. Here is Svens experience of Copenhagen Zoo ... ... [read more]

Niels J. L. Iversen, De berejstes Klub

I hvert af de mellemamerikanske lande - Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, EL Salvador, Honduras og Belize - er der normalt én ledende zoo, og i flere af landene er der ikke mere end denne ene ... [read more]

Frederik Schütt, NordicZoos, foto: Krokodille Zoo

Da Steve Irwin (Crocodile Steve) for år tilbage første gang tonede frem på TV-skærmen og forfærdede, forargede og fascinerede os, er der ingen tvivl om, at krokodiller blev mere populære end nogensind ... [read more]

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Right now at NordicZoos, you can find your way to 137 zoos in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland.

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